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granner. steve cook. [applause] steven was co-chair for quite some time providing some great leadership. all right. and another student, hannah lee. i'm not sure she's here tonight so that concludes our certificates of recognition. let's give them a hand for their hard work please. [applause] thank you very much. >> as a point of personal privilege later in the meeting we have the moment where we announce new people to our committees and mine is in the audience and mark will be joining the sac and mark will you stand up. [applause] any other comments from the board? >> yes. so as a past member of the kak for many years i know the time and dedication it takes. i want to say thank you very much and particularly say thank you to claire waskey my appointee coming off four years of dedicated service for our school district. she's also a school librarian and so claire if you're listening i want to say thank you so much for representing our district on the peace. thank you very much. [applause] >> i just really want to thank each and other one of you and your families because i know it
to negotiate and execute an amendment to the 2009 water supply agreement. >> >>> steve rich aye a manager for water and this item representseses a proposed amendment to the 2009 water supply agreement and back acheally for us to deal with as it was discussed in proposition -- that the wholesale customers as a voice or clear recourse in dealing with that situation and so we developed a mechanism so wholesale customers can be protected in the future consideration of the proposal and so it's simple providing for a future amendment and water supply agreement to make sure that we maintain the levels of is the service that we have committed to and cost allocations there. >> any comments? >>> commission moved fd. >> seconded by commissioner moran and now we are open to public comments and mr. rose crans. >> mr. mike martial? . >> good afternoon, welcome to the commission mr. martial. >> thank you happy new year and my name is mike martial i'm the executive director of rich -- and i wanted to begin by articulating what we do because it was loss in the roont campaign about this issue w
in the report that was done in 2007 by economics research associates and updated by steve in 2013, it doesn't take a lot of squinting to see the case for economic redevelopment, and that's in part because the -- if we can go back to -- thank you, the history of this building is that it was for a lot of years a railroad depot and in 1981, it came to exist as we currently know it when they connected the two depots and put a roof over the top of it. in the 80s and 90, it served a good purpose where it was a space where extra trade shows could happen and those trade shows over time have started to migrate to other states, particularly las vegas, other venues and to the web, what you have is a space that's used for consumer shows, private parties, corporate events, those types of things, and as a result of all that, we have in the last 9 years as an occupancy of 30% for the concourse space. bhiel the 30% of use is really important to those who comprise the 30%, there's really -- it's difficult to make an economic justification for not redeveloping a site that hollow 70% of the year and it's diff
who started this project a number of year ago and it was the dream of steve ward, he carries the dream with him. and he has brought this group together. it's been a fantastic journey for all of us, especially for me since i was born and raised in the neighborhood and i continue to live there and it has also been wonderful to be a part of this lovely group and their technology was amazing to us. we made a promise at the end of november that we would get it finished by the pd of christmas and we kept that props. so, carmen chiu that you so much for your support and all of your work with us and to daniel who also carries this dream with him, we thank you very much. (applause) . . >> that concludes our accommodations for today madame clerk why don't we go to general public comment. >> now is the opportunity for the public to comment generally within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including those at some times on the media dopings calendar please note that public comment have not allowed on those comment which have already been subject to comment in a public committee a
two minutes to speak. >> steve seldz swrer. we on a little out burst today about what is going on at martin luther king school and this board has covered up criminal activity from the staff of the school. he makes a joke about psychological testing and pearson to evaluate the students here in san francisco. pearson is under investigation for corruption in new york state and will be investigateed in california for corruption because you're spending more time on testing than taking care of the students particularly here at martin luther king. additionally this superintendent and the board is aware of the ongoing situation at martin luther king and the superintendent said there was no cover up and slander going on but the whistle blower said the principal laid on a student and injured as a result that was set up in a scheme to be fired by this management. they spent thousands of dollars of public money to fire him and the arbitrator could not go along with the lies and slanders against toby cane and rejected it and said he should be brought back to work. that is a victory for
comment from amand steve about the need for better coordinatings of resources for people transitioning out of care facilities. also some since there were a couple of members from the long-term care coordinating council here to maybe suggest that someone from the regional center is there during talks about how things can be better streamlined or suggestions for our developmental disabled community. thanks. >> thank you. all right then i think it's time we take a 10-minute break. >> one more. >> i'm sorry, i didn't see you harriet. >> hi. thank you for coming out today. i just wanted to speak a little bit on changes coming to the golden gate regional center. for the parents that have respite care for their child, they are going to have the time sheets go to a different place and i guess it would be, like, sort of a bookkeeping system. and they will figure out the payroll taxes and everything. but then the parent of child becomes the employer and they do the hiring and firing process . i think that if a person is a little bit educated, they can find answers on how to do this. but i think
is it steve crabiel. >> i'm with tool works a human service agency that provides services to more than 500 adults with disabilities throughout the bay area. we provide vocation and community living services. we are a member of the community alliance of disability advocates known as cada. what is not working? housing is not working. we need more accessible affordable housing for the folks that we serve and frankly for our staff. we also need affordable/accessible housing for community-based organizations like tool works. so the price of staying in the city is getting too difficult. and we need to be able to, as an organization to be able to stay here, so we can maintain the social safety net for people with disabilities. what is working? supportive living services are really working for individuals who are eligible for regional center funding. so these are services that allow people to live independently in the communities of their choice, with supports. and and primarily for people with developmental disabilities. so that is great, but what is not working are the same services, those c
in and we have here today with us mr. steve cook from the sf ed fund and we will talk about their participation which is crucial to sfusd's success in this event, and we also have commissioner haney who will chime in with us as well, so i will let mr. cook take it away. >> good evening commissioners, superintendent. happy new year. i haven't gotten a chance to speak to many of you yet and congratulations on the recent election victors commissioners. we're back again to kickoff this incredible event. last year with the collection of a number of community partners we were able to mobilize over 300 volunteers to read in hundreds of classrooms across the city and this year we will be back february 4 at 9:00 a.m. we have hundreds of volunteers reading in elementary schools across the city. i believe you all got a list of participating schools. the list goes on and on and we have as of today have hit our mark, so every classroom at these schools will receive a reader. [applause] thank you last year for participating commissioner mendoza was out and all of you all that spread th
with turner construction giving you our later construction update. >> good morning directors, steve with turner construction. even with the holidays it was a very -- [ inaudible ] you have heard some of these statistics already earlier this morning, but the last period, the month of december there were no recordable or lost time incidents on the project. we have -- you saw the 700,000 plus man hours to-date throughout the entire project and taking into account the current work on the transit center, all the work under webcor's contract, 600,000 craft hours through the end of 2012. and that is about 38,000 completed over the last period. the most significant progress has been made in the excavation and there is some statisticks there of where we are. the ultimate news is that we're about 50% complete with the overall excavation of the project. you heard 27 5,000 cubic yards have been removed. so we're right on track. there some of the other highlights, the water, the auxiliary water system work continues on mission street, working on 2nd back towards the beale street end of the
. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is steve wu. i'm representing tenderloin neighborhood development corporation. and we are also a member of the council for community housing organizations. we've taken a position opposed to the legislation primarily because we see t.i.c.s as cannibalizing the existing rental housing stock. our rental housing stock is critical to preserve in maintaining the affordability in san francisco's housing. we believe that, furthermore, that the uncapping the conversion condo conversion cap will further incentivize more t.i.c.s forming from our existing rental housing stock, thus leading to -- exacerbating the affordability problem in san francisco. furthermore, the the fee, we have questions about the fee, for bypassing the conversion lottery. it's set as high as 20,000 but as low as 4,000. this is substantially lower than the in lieu fee that the mayor's office of housing has set forth of construction for bmr units through new condominium construction which is as low as 175 -- as high as 175,000 per unit. we're afraid that this fee -- the small scale of thi
anzel, transis ca, andrea danger, steve wu, rine tha thanker, margaret , sandra, julie, dan, andrea, and june. you can proceed. >> the line got mixed up so most of the people in line didn't get called. out in the hall they told us -- >> chair wiener: if there's been any confusion just go ahead and speak. that's fine. >> my name is sarah, i moved back to san francisco 10 years ago to take care of my -- partially to take care of my father who had gone on disability and lives in a represent controlle -- rent cond apartment. people talk about home ownership. most of us would love to own a home in san francisco. we would be happy to stay here. in 1980, they were having a debate about condo conversion in san francisco, actually, at the supervisors hearing. and the debate then was if something became a condo, did 40% of the existing tenants have to be able to buy in, or did 80% of the existing tenants have to buy in. right now, none of the existing tenants have to buy in, for it to become a condo. it can go to a t.i.c. first and flip that process. we're not talking about tenants and buildi
of blue in the room. anybody coming up? >> i'm here for an application. >> oh. >> steve mathias from central station. couple of incidents over the last couple weeks. on january 26 at 12:30 a.m., a large fight, 10 people fighting inside cosmo, located at 440 broadway. january 26 at horizon, 998 broadway, one woman was bunn punched in the face by another woman. the woman fell to the ground and was sexually battered by another [speaker not understood]. the initial suspect was arrested and the male suspect got away. there were the following specses from persons from the following clubs. club el monte, [speaker not understood]. and monroe at 473 broadway. on february 3rd, let's see, a little after 7 o'clock at the irish times during the super bowl, two victims were at the irish times and they got in a verbal dispute with two other people. they didn't feel safe so they left the bar. once outside the bar he they were attacked and beaten down to the ground. police, sfpd is still investigating. on january 10th at 2:00 a.m. there was a battery at taupe, 10 26 grant. on january 19th at little d
steve taber who is on spur. and i just think it's an excellent thing. it is the least impact to merchants. i'm a small business owner. i really respect that part of it. and i think it is a viable pagoda option. and i speak for a number of people. so, thank you for your work and i hope you do the [speaker not understood] thing. >> thank you so much. >> joan woods, the last person who turned in a speaker card. >> anyone else who cares to address the board, please bring up a card. good afternoon. >>> good afternoon, mr. nolan and those of you. i have lived in north beach for 48 years continuously. i was never notified of community meetings planning for the subway. eventually i was to friends of washington square to be part of a community advisory group to the subway. so, i've been attending those meetings for about four years. in the beginning mr. funge stated the plan was to rent the boring machines. he talked at a couple meetings about that. then somehow it became that the city was going to buy them. he never explained why they were going to change. and then more recently it h
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)